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While Cigarette Racing Team’s foundation was heavily rooted in offshore powerboat racing, currently, the “Next Generation” of Cigarette looks beyond racing to marketing partnerships for its growth and refinement. The R&D of racing that was pertinent in the early 1970’s is no longer the driving force in performance boating. Demographics and lifestyles have changed and Cigarette, under the ownership of Skip Braver, who achieved his 10th model year in 2012, has also changed, as it recognizes the evolution of the performance brand and culture. Entrepreneurs, families, retirees, multi-boat owners, serious “veteran” powerboaters and new boaters are all part of the evolving customer base, and Cigarette listens to their needs.

Cigarette also recognizes that like-minded performance aficionados like the customers of AMG and Ducati are prime candidates for introduction to the similar caliber of power on water. By aligning with these types of performance, luxury brands, Cigarette sees the broadening of its market, attracting the formerly non-boating performance enthusiast to the thrills of powerboating in a Cigarette.

Cigarette’s 2012 model year reflects the tastes, boating preferences and priorities of the Next Generation of powerboater. More space for more people, flexibility, luxury and technology are the driving forces behind a higher appreciation for the new face of performance–and Cigarette delivers all those priorities in all its new models from the 39 Top Gun Open to the 42 Huntress. While classic, sleek and sexy inboard powerboats are still the roots and a mainstay at Cigarette, the new performance center console, the non-fishing, “fish boat” with storage, sun pads, wet bar and cup holders rather than live wells, bait boxes and rod holders, comprise the Next Generation of powerboating. Lower cost, maintenance and management, at only slightly lower speeds are now part of Cigarette’s heritage. Add water sports gear, picnic baskets, coolers and dozen or so of your favorite friends, family and boating buddies, and you’ve got a performance party on water, without sacrificing the power, brand or status that has been known as the performance icon since 1969–and that IS The Cigarette Difference!



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