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Like all Baja® boats, our very first model was something special. In a bold display of drive and determination, four owner/employees assembled the original design in an abandoned roller skating rink in 1971. What they lacked in resources, they made up for in motivation — a single-minded mission to build the finest performance boats in the world. Over the next two years, Baja Boats was born, and a product line of 14- to 20-footers, including the classic CT 150 racing design, took shape.

We spent the 1970s perfecting our nontraditional designs, further solidifying Baja’s styling and position as an innovator. That’s when Baja took the lead in exclusively pursuing the sport boat market. It was a move that paid off when our first big high-performance boat, the Carrera 240, was introduced in 1978. And the 1979 Carrera SS Bowrider earned a Powerboat Magazine “Boat of the Year” award its first year out!

In the 1980s, we successfully expanded the Baja line to include distinctively styled, world-class offshore boats like the 240 Sport and the 420. Our interest and attention slowly shifted towards creating bigger, better offshore products with improved design and structural integrity. Progressive product development has always been the core of the Baja philosophy.

As we expanded our line in the early 1990s, Baja confirmed its place as the industry leader in style, performance and quality with the .38 Special™ and the 272. We kept pushing the envelope — introducing the 20 Outlaw™ and 32 Outlaw™ with modern performance styling for the power-hungry, speed-seeking, hard-core offshore runner.

The new millennium has brought with it innovation and style unlike anything you’ve seen from Baja. The 30 Outlaw, 242 Islander and a complete retooling of our Sportfishing line are just of few examples of how “performance under control” is the driving force behind everything we do.

Over four decades of mind-blowing innovation, and Baja continues to blaze new trails and redefine the category of performance boats. We call it the evolution of performance. Now strap yourself in and get ready for a revolution in performance. . .the next generation of Baja.

In 2012, Baja came under new ownership with the sole purpose of returning the line to it’s rightful place in the performance boat world. We are driven to produce the performance, style and quality that our customers have enjoyed sine 1971.

Quality Inside and Out

Along with a rich tradition of innovation, a superior standard of quality has allowed Baja to maintain its position as the #1 Performance Boat in the world. To attain that level takes a long term commitment to achieving the best in design, engineering and production. . .and accepting nothing less.

It’s evident in every aspect of our company — from our advanced hull designs to our constantly evolving styles and graphics and our never-ending quest to building better, faster boats. Year after year, we’re striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Testing is at the forefront of how we bring ideas to reality. Comprehensive analysis, review and evaluation combined with a myriad of industry-leading test procedures provide the pathway to breakthrough engineering. Our boats are tested in the water at our state of the art facility on the Inner Banks of North Carolina.

With the industry’s broadest, most advanced product line — and a reputation for superior performance, safety and durability — it’s plain to see that if you’re looking for the best all-around performance boat, you’ve found it. We’re still setting the standards, setting the records and setting a pace that has everyone following our lead.

We’re Just Like You

The secret of Baja’s incredible success lies in nearly half a century of employee dedication, research, technology, experience and a natural flair for designing and constructing boats that surpass the highest standards.

Our engineers are a special breed. They aren’t content to let nature take its course. They’re driven to break speed down into its building blocks, to push every boundary of boat design, to find the perfect relationship between horsepower, weight and drag — all to produce total speed under control.

We also have a great understanding of the needs of our customers. You know why? Because we’re just like you. Over the years, we began to identify a unique characteristic that our customers shared with each other. . .we call it Baja Attitude. And there was only one way to sum up those similarities. . .Speed changes you™. You know what we mean — after your first time at the helm of a true performance boat, you never look at the world the same way again. This attitude also drives Baja engineers and craftsmen to pour their hearts and minds (and thousands upon thousands of hours) into designing, engineering and building the world’s No. 1 performance boats.

You see, we’re performance boat fans, just like you. Squeezing that extra mile per hour out of a boat, spending late nights getting our unique hull design just right, relentlessly testing and retesting everything we do until it’s perfect — this isn’t just a job to us. Speed changes us, too.


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